The Compton Way

Life in all its Fullness at Compton C of E Primary School

“Learning, Achieving and Flourishing Together”

What drives our Curriculum ?

Put quite simply, the drivers for our curriculum are The Compton Way and our Christian School Values. For further details of specific subject areas I would encourage you to look at our SUBJECT CORE OFFERS.

The Compton Way is :

  • To provide exciting and inspiring learning opportunities.
  • To give all children the best possible start on their educational journey.
  • To develop excellent learners and excellent people .
  • To set the foundations for further interest and study.
  • To utilise opportunities that Plymouth and the local area has to offer.

In order to do this :

  • We follow EYFS and the National Curriculum.
  • We aim to develop progressive skills and knowledge in all subject areas.
  • We aim to change and adapt our provision to reflect our children's ever changing lives.
  • We provide an outstanding range of extracurricular provision.
  • We enrich our children’s learning through a range of educational visits and residential experiences.
  • We value every subject.
  • We use as many opportunities as we can to adopt purposeful cross curricular learning.
  • We provide inspirational hooks through media, visits and visitors.
  • We use our topics as vehicles for writing.
  • We encourage the use of authentic resourcing.
  • We enhance the curriculum through specific curricular events.
  • We encourage and expect all our children to read often and widely.
  • We aspire to and achieve high standards across the curriculum.
  • Our staff are trusted to work in teams and use their own pedagogical approach for teaching and learning.
  • We provide a variety of opportunities for home learning.
  • We use class assemblies to celebrate interests and learning.

Our Christian Values are:


  • We encourage our children to have pride in their school and to take responsibility for themselves, for others and for their environment.
  • We give our children a voice in the decision making of our school.
  • We expect our children to be positive role models.


  • Our staff are good role models for positive friendships.
  • Every year, we mix our classes to encourage new friendships.
  • We use buddy systems across the school.
  • Whole school playtime and lunchtimes encourage cross-phase friendships.


  • We play a core role in our community.
  • We successfully support a number of local, national and international charities, raising emotional awareness in our children.
  • We have a brilliant School Association who put on regular events for both children and the community.
  • Parents support and help our children with their learning.
  • Family members regularly attend and support school events.
  • We have excellent transition across Key Stages and into secondary school.
  • We participate in city wide initiatives.


  • We have high expectations which challenge all children.
  • We want all children to have new experiences and take measured risks.
  • We want children to grapple with and overcome obstacles in their learning journey.
  • Our learning opportunities build resilience.
  • We are a competitive school.
  • We celebrate our achievements - our children know what it means to persevere.


  • Our cross-curricular planning encourages creativity.
  • We use a range of teachers’ knowledge and skills to provide creative learning opportunities.
  • We plan activities for different learning styles.
  • We provide a learning landscape that encourages children to take ownership of their learning.