Our School Council

Compton School Council is a group of children who have been elected by their peers to represent the views of the children in the school. They are given opportunities to propose and take forward ideas and projects on behalf of the other children.

In the past, the School Council have interviewed potential new teachers including our current Head Teacher, Mr Oakshott! Additionally, they have handed out prizes for attendance at the end of every term, ordered play equipment, designed and created artwork to display around the school and supported staff members with daily activities.

So far this year, the School Council have focussed on lunch; discussing how the lunch time procedures can be improved and choosing new menu options for the new Summer lunch menu. This term, the School Council introduced the very successful ‘Happy Friday’ meal.

This term, we are going to look into how Compton can make a positive difference to the environment. The children will work with Mrs Malia to encourage a caring attitude towards our environment and look at how we can improve the world in which we live.

What small changes can you make around your home to make it more sustainable?