Year 6 Activities Week

During the week of 10th September, our year 6 children took part in an amazing activities week! In groups, they spent three days and two nights at Camp Kernow in Truro, one day surfing and one day cycling.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Camp Kernow (1st half)

It was a long journey down to Camp Kernow, the coach was full of laughter and excitement. When the coach arrived, we met our instructors and trekked up a hill to get to camp.We all sat around the fire circle and introduced ourselves. Then we went off in two groups to have a tour around camp. We were put into 4 groups, girls only and boys only. We had a range of sleeping options that the teachers put us into.

Camp Kernow is off the grid so they have to produce their own electricity. There were no proper toilets so we had to use compost toilets. ‘Ewh’. We had community tasks like; setting the table, making the food, washing up and setting out breakfast.

Every day we had a range of actives to do. We did; archery, fire lighting, T shirt printing, wall climbing, technical tree climbing and den building.

The most important thing of the day was FOOD! It was delicious.

Everyone enjoyed it and had a fab time, so did the teachers.

From Emily x

Camp Kernow (2nd half)

Camp Kernow was a super experience! We slept in an upturned boat and teepees, it was amazing! The breakfast was amazing too!

We had camp jobs like helping make breakfast, lunch and dinner and picking all the vegetables. I enjoyed the nature trail in the dark when a man surprised us by jumping out of a bush. He told us a story about a dog and the planets.

We also went on a climbing wall, did archery, t-shirt printing, tree climbing and we got to play games in our free time!

By Reubin


During activities week, year 6 went to Bigbury for a surfing lesson. We learnt how to catch waves and stand up on our boards.

Firstly, we all lay our boards on the sand so our surf teachers could show us the positions we had to start with. We started by lying on the boards and using our arms to paddle, then we grab the sides of the boards and pulled ourselves up on to our knees and get our balance before standing up. After a few practises on the sand, we tried it in the sea.

We were all delighted when we managed to catch a wave and get to our feet for a few seconds after falling back off again. Everybody really enjoyed themselves even after a few dramatic falls! We saw some amazing views of the beach and had the time of our lives. It was an amazing way to start our year and together we made some amazing memories.

By Summer