Our Parent Support Adviser

Lee Woodman – Parent Support Adviser

Working with families and children for a better future

“The bond between a child and their parent is the most crucial influence on a child’s life”

Extracted from the Every Child Matters document

Lee Woodman is our Parent Support Adviser

As a parent or carer you have the greatest influence on your child’s life. I am here to work with you when needed to make your job easier and to ensure you receive all the help and advice you are entitled to.

Why have a Parent Support Adviser (PSA)?

All families are different but we all try to do the best we can for our children even though there is no instruction manual given when they are born.

Being a parent can be a challenge at times. Some of us may feel we could do with a little help from time to time. I can provide advice and guidance on services available to support your parenting role, to make it as fulfilling as it should be…..

I am here to support you in some of the challenges you may encounter as your child takes their journey through Compton C of E Primary School. I am able to do this in an impartial, confidential and non-judgemental way.

I can also provide support and advice for you regarding any of your other children if they are under 18 years of age.

I look forward to working with you and feel free to contact me if the need arises. My Role as a PSA is to provide you with easy access to information and support.

What can I do for you?

Provide information about services and sources of help available.
Be a listening ear.
Pass on your views, concerns and praises to the school and the Parent Family Forum.
Attend meetings with you if you would like extra support.
Help complete forms/paperwork you may be struggling with.
Seek ideas and feedback regarding the extended services our school offers.
No matter how big or small your concerns may be, please feel free to contact me to discuss them.
Regular Themed Coffee Mornings for parents to get to know each other and share any issues.
The list is endless. My role is parent led. You tell me what you think is needed and I will try to deliver.

Lee Woodman – Parent Support Adviser (PSA)

I work Monday to Friday.

Contact me direct on: Tel: 07825 234552


E-Mail: lwoodman@compton.plymouth.sch.uk


ComptonC of E Primary School Tel:771539

Leave a message and a contact number with a member of staff and I will get back to you.